Sunday, August 22, 2010

My new PR and sights set on London in 2012!

Track and field can be a lonely world. Tonight I am laying in bed thousands of miles from my husband, my family, my friends and yet it is a life I choose. I would not change too many moments in my life, and being here alone tonight is one of them! Why is that?? Well I can now sit and reflect on what has been an absolutely wonderful season. Does it have something to do with being married to my amazing husband for one year as of September 5...well yes! Not only does he support me fully as my husband but as my athletic trainer, he also joins family as my greatest fan! I am so grateful to have so much love and support as I travel around the world throwing a 4k metal ball...for "a living."
Why else would I want to be so far away from the wonderful life I live...two words: LONDON OLYMPICS!!! After the injuries I have had the past few years, I really wanted to take this 2010 season off and let my body become whole again. Well being the competitor I am, I choose to do indoor nationals and attempt to continue my winning streak to 6 consecutive wins as well as make the World Indoor Championship team. Well after accomplishing that in February, I was able to travel to Doha, Qatar (pronounced Cutter) where I had my first personal best in four years! 19.34 or 63'5"! I was ecstatic and finished 6th; my highest finish at an international competition ever!! Hmmm, I just had a PR, but I'm suppose to be taking this season off, or at least easy right?
This year marked the first inaugural season of the IAAF Diamond League series. Before this year there was a Golden League, but not all events were included. That means meet directors chose which event they wanted to see. How many wanted to see the women's shot put?? You guessed it, basically NONE!! But this Diamond League series was different. Each event, minus the 10k, multi events and hammer, would have 7 competitions each with prize money that I had never seen!! Between my PR, my coach, and my husband's influences, we all decided that maybe I should keep competing this year and see how it goes! My body hurt, but training kept going well and I was able to do rather well. My next post will be a hindsight view of each meet of the season! I was not a good blogger, so lets just pretend it this blog has a tape delay of a few months and just recap each meet from here on out :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

How he proposed!

Little did I know that Nicole didn't really want to play tennis that day!!  On Wednesday coming out of class, my great friend Nicole asked me if I wanted to play tennis around 4pm.  She and I are always playing catch or doing something fun so naturally I said yes thinking nothing of it.  Tennis was a blast.  It was honestly the best I had ever played, but I still think she let me win ;)  After about an hour of playing tennis we went back into our grad office in the Smith Field House at BYU.  I followed her to her desk to keep chatting.  Little did I know there was a present waiting for me on my desk.  After discussing possibly playing catch, Nicole, who always grabs some trail mix from my desk, asked for some.  I had not seen the bouquet of a red rose and a red tulip sitting on my desk with a yellow envelop labeled "Jill's Amazing Race" on it.  It was then that my adventure began.  Nicole wondered what I thought of it and all I could say was, "I think I should be showered for this!!"  The clue said I had to find 6 other clues (representing our 6 months of dating) which took me to different places that are special to Dustin and me.  Each clue had a rose and a tulip arrangement waiting for me!!  My first clue, which I found in my office, represented my choice to come back to BYU and finish grad school, the first step in our relationship.  The next clue took me to the weight room.  A fitting choice since it was there that I was working when he got the job as the head track and field trainer at BYU.  We became friends and were able to continue that connection in the 2 years I was off training in Arizona.  My third clue was found in the training room where Dustin works.   He has an amazing talent for athletic training and truly loves his job.  He not only takes care of his athletes but he takes great care of me and was a big reason I was able to make the Olympic team this past year.  From the training room I went to my next clue which was inside my car.  I love my jeep and love that she can go off-roading, something Dustin and I both enjoy.  Another clue, another bouquet of flowers!!  He is so sweet!  My next clue I found at the American record distance of the shot put, 20.18 meters.  He marked it and everything.  NO, I was retarded and did not take pictures of each clue, but I remember them very clearly.  My final clue was found at my house where we had our first kiss.  This clue not only had a tulip and rose, but a gorgeous bouquet of red roses and baby's breath!  It was amazing!!  My final clue told me I was to be picked up at 7pm for a big adventure that would make new memories.  I got my shower in, thats for sure!  Nothing fancy, just a normal date...right!!!  He did send a text to say not to dress up, but I tried to look extra special because I knew something had to be up.  After driving up to the Salt Lake area we FINALLY exited the freeway on Redwood Road.  I thought, wow, Im back in Woodland!!  Ok, not quite.  We finally pulled in to a strip mall type area and I could not figure out what he was doing, besides constantly looking at his watch!!  We then pulled in front of Honks.  Seriously, Honks??  Honks is a dollar store chain out here in Utah.  Well he said it was part of the date that we had to pick out a gift for each other.  Well I chose a miniature bowling set since I kicked his butt at bowling, I figured we could play in the house with this set.  He got me a princess crown and wand.  I was his princess!!  Honks was just a ploy because he was early for my next surprise.  As we drove down this street, there was an airport to our left.  I randomly joked that we should know a person with a plane so we could travel around more.  He laughed it off, but Im sure in the back of his head he was nervous I knew what was going on!!  I had no clue.  Then we pulled into the airport.  My first thought was that we were going skydiving!!  I have always wanted to do that but it was just about sunset.  He then told me we were going on an airplane ride!!!!  How amazing would that be, a romantic plane ride at sunset!!  Let me tell you, it was breathtaking!!  After about 30 minutes in the air I looked at Dustin and he was sitting funny and looked rather nervous, so of course I heckled him!  I said are you ok hunny, you look nervous???  I thought maybe he was getting sick even though he travels all the time and the ride was extremely smooth.  The next thing I knew he was saying all these wonderful things about me and tried to get down on one knee in the plane.  There was not enough room but it was the thought that counted.  Of course I had to say yes!!  Dustin is truly the love of my life and I could not think of anyone else I could spend the rest of my life with.  I can not wait to be married in the Sacramento Temple and share that wonderful day with my family and friends!!