Sunday, August 22, 2010

My new PR and sights set on London in 2012!

Track and field can be a lonely world. Tonight I am laying in bed thousands of miles from my husband, my family, my friends and yet it is a life I choose. I would not change too many moments in my life, and being here alone tonight is one of them! Why is that?? Well I can now sit and reflect on what has been an absolutely wonderful season. Does it have something to do with being married to my amazing husband for one year as of September 5...well yes! Not only does he support me fully as my husband but as my athletic trainer, he also joins family as my greatest fan! I am so grateful to have so much love and support as I travel around the world throwing a 4k metal ball...for "a living."
Why else would I want to be so far away from the wonderful life I live...two words: LONDON OLYMPICS!!! After the injuries I have had the past few years, I really wanted to take this 2010 season off and let my body become whole again. Well being the competitor I am, I choose to do indoor nationals and attempt to continue my winning streak to 6 consecutive wins as well as make the World Indoor Championship team. Well after accomplishing that in February, I was able to travel to Doha, Qatar (pronounced Cutter) where I had my first personal best in four years! 19.34 or 63'5"! I was ecstatic and finished 6th; my highest finish at an international competition ever!! Hmmm, I just had a PR, but I'm suppose to be taking this season off, or at least easy right?
This year marked the first inaugural season of the IAAF Diamond League series. Before this year there was a Golden League, but not all events were included. That means meet directors chose which event they wanted to see. How many wanted to see the women's shot put?? You guessed it, basically NONE!! But this Diamond League series was different. Each event, minus the 10k, multi events and hammer, would have 7 competitions each with prize money that I had never seen!! Between my PR, my coach, and my husband's influences, we all decided that maybe I should keep competing this year and see how it goes! My body hurt, but training kept going well and I was able to do rather well. My next post will be a hindsight view of each meet of the season! I was not a good blogger, so lets just pretend it this blog has a tape delay of a few months and just recap each meet from here on out :)

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